Hamilton a great city to live, work, play and visit.

Better city for all.

Putting the needs of all people first, and at the heart of Council's decisions, is important to me. This means not just talking to you, but listening to you, AND working alongside you. Our best success comes from working with willing partners and our local communities. I want a city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Safer city for all.

We all want, and deserve, to feel safe at work, at play and at home.  I have been very concerned about crime in our city and want to make a positive difference. We have a lot to do. I have already strengthened partnerships with Police, and key agencies to create the "Safest City Taskforce".  But I know that to make true progress we must collaborate with a wider range of community and safety services and of course you. I want to support others to build a safer Hamilton.

Better homes for all

Every person deserves a place to call home. Our housing market must create well- designed and affordable homes. While progress has been made there is much more to do. I want to ensure Hamilton City Council continues to play it's part in enabling better housing outcomes. This includes affordable homes to buy, or rent, supported by great local neighbourhoods. This means the right type of development in the right place that is sympathetic to existing communities. 

Better transport and transport choice.

Hamiltonians want roads and footpaths to be safe and maintained. We want  traffic to flow and access to reasonable parking. We also want safe cycling and walking routes . It is not a matter of cars versus bikes or buses. It is about transport choice. It is about creating opportunities for more walking, cycling, scooting, car sharing and passenger transport  to create the modern, low carbon city we need and deserve. I want to provide for a safe and efficient  transport network.

Greener and more beautiful places.

We all love our parks, riverside walks and green spaces. We also want clean air, good water quality and green spaces to play or relax.  You have also clearly told us you want Council  to tackle climate change. This term I established the Environment Committee to make sure we have a sharper focus on creating healthier, greener city for us to enjoy now and in the future. I want this focus to stay strong.

Better city finances and a strong economy.

Costs have gone up and inflation is high. We cannot heap all of the extra burden on the ratepayer. We must take a sensible, and balanced, approach to running our city. We must balance rates affordability and maintaining and renewing existing city assets. We must also provide for the strong city growth we are facing. Government funding support remains vital as does exploring new ways of creating funding partnerships. I want to ensure our city partner with others to grow a strong future.

Team work delivers better outcomes for us all.

We must put personal politics aside and put people first to create a city where we all people can thrive, and can feel proud. My commitment is to maintain a positive, professional and effective Council team to work for you.


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