Welcome to the personal website of Hamilton Mayor, Paula Southgate

Know what I stand for

I stand for strong, sound finances.

We must control rates and work smartly to find cost effective solutions to our biggest financial challenges. Ratepayers cannot keep shouldering the burden of pet projects. Finances must be managed to ensure every dollar is wisely spent to set the city and its people up for success.

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I stand for getting growth right.

We need affordable, quality housing, strong economic development and innovation, and we must have effective transport networks for people and business. We must maintain our city infrastructure and plan carefully for the future. We must partner to invest in activities that create the highest value to Hamiltonians.

I stand for creating opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Growing tourism, supporting small business, our excellent education sector and continuing our positive relationships with central government – these are all important steps that the new council must take to ensure that we are really making the most of the opportunities available to us.

​I stand for quality lifestyles.

Looking after our fantastic community assets like parks, pools, libraries  - the places and spaces we all love – is common sense. Finding ways to strengthen local communities and supporting local projects is all part of making Hamilton an even better place to live.  And of course, we must look after our natural environment.

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​Most of all I stand for you.

Putting people first, and at the heart of Councils decisions is important to me. This means not just talking with you, but listening to you, AND working alongside you. Together we are strong.


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