Let's keep moving forward together

As your Mayor I’m proud to lead a positive team who are working hard to deliver a vibrant city and thriving community. We’ve made so much progress, but there is still more to be done. As we move forward together, my top priorities for Hamilton are:

A city that is safe

Everyone deserves to feel safe in our city whether that be in our homes, places of work, or out in our community. I’m committed to playing my part in ensuring this is achieved by:
  • Working with the Police and the wider community to understand their needs
  • Putting pressure on Central Government to deliver more frontline police for Hamilton
  • Enabling the use of the right prevention tools, (cameras, bollards, education), in the right place
  • Ensuring that Crime Prevention through Environmental Design is embedded in city projects.

A better future for Hamilton

If we are to succeed in securing a better future for Hamilton, we need to do the hard work now. That means ensuring we continue to grow, but in way that maintains the things that make Hamilton a great city to live, work and visit. As your Mayor I will continue to:

  • Ensure our city has affordable housing options through smart growth
  • Continue to take care of our existing neighbourhoods – you won’t be forgotten
  • Work hard to attract new businesses to our city that will create jobs
  • Invest in efficient transport networks to get you where your need to go, when you need to.
  • Speed up the digital transformation and efficiency of our council.

A thriving community

Hamiltonians are what makes Hamilton great, so we need to keep putting people at the heart of all we do. As your Mayor I will:
  • Complete and implement the community facilities plan so our communities have quality space.
  • Ensure that ALL communities are cared for equally. For example, completing the Fairfield/Enderley Revitalisation Project and Dinsdale action plan. 
  • Enable our older citizens to inform and shape the redevelopment of the Celebrating Age Centre Centre and ensure that we honour our Age Friendly Plan.
  • Support and celebrate iwi and ALL diverse cultures in our city.

A healthy environment

Hamilton has an amazing natural environment with our riverside and plenty of green spaces. We all have a role to play in ensuring these assets aren’t just maintained but are enhanced for the enjoyment of future generations.  I’ve always been a champion for our special natural places and as your Mayor I will continue this by:
  • Implementing our Hamilton City Climate Action Plan
  • Continuing to restore the city's gullies, riverside, and the Waiwhakarake Heritage Park.
  • Pushing for smart water initiatives and sustainable development incentives like rainwater/ greywater tanks and natural stormwater).
  • Creating more, and safer, opportunities for those who want to walk, cycle, catch a bus, use shared car fleets or charge an EV.

A city with things to do

Imagine a city with no Hamilton Gardens, Zoo, Museum, Lake or Riverside Walks? These are the things that make our city special. As your Mayor I will:

  • Support the Waikato Regional Theatre through to completion.
  • Continue the revitalisation of our Central City and riverside experience. This includes the Aranui proposal on Grantham Street and creating a river facing entrance to our Museum.
  • Support the future improvements to the Hamilton Gardens.
  • Support the completion of the new Hamilton Zoo precinct to connect Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park, the Observatory, and the Zoo to make arrival and parking safer and more enjoyable.

A city with its finances in order

Hamiltonians deserve to have confidence that our city’s finances are being prudently managed. Times are tough for many of our residents who are really struggling with the cost of living and the pressure this brings. As your Mayor I will push Council to:

  • Make sensible spending decisions with ratepayers money.
  • Keep spending in line with, not above, the budget forecast in our Long-Term Plan.
  • Look for further cost savings and funding partnerships for all that we do.
  • Ensure Central Government invests in our city infrastructure.
  • Balance the needs of looking after what we already have with growing a quality city.

A champion for Hamilton

As your mayor, you can trust me to continue to be a tireless public advocate and champion for our city when engaging with Government, business, or the media. We have some real challenges ahead of us as a city, and we need an experienced Mayor who will push hard to deliver solutions. I’m so proud to call Hamilton home and will always do my best to promote out city and all we have to offer.


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