Hamilton Ready To Do Part & House Returnees to NZ

I know our city will do its part to help accommodate New Zealanders returning home and going into managed isolation.

It has been announced that further hotels in Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch will be used to house returnees who have come home. The Hamilton hotels involved are secure, stand-alone facilities and are not open to other guests.

I’m advised that returnees will begin arriving in the city over the coming week.

It’s important we remember these are Kiwis coming home to friends and family, including to Waikato families who will be desperate to see them.

I know some people might feel a bit anxious but I have been assured there are very tight protocols in place to keep people strictly isolated and I have to accept that.

New Zealanders have worked incredibly hard to make our country a safe haven for other Kiwis to return home to. The returnees must now do their part to keep the rest of us safe; they have a responsibility to do that.

For further details see www.covid19.govt.nz


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