Positive Environmental Outcomes for Hamilton

Hamilton City Council has ensured that sustainability and strong environmental outcomes are front and centre as we push to secure a share of the Government stimulus package aimed at creating jobs and keeping New Zealand's economy moving.

One project we are promoting is the fast-tracking of  25 hectares of gully-planting and stormwater improvements at Peacocke.  This would include turning wastewater pipes across gullies into dual-purpose cycling and pedestrian bridges.

We’re also asking for support to major enhancements to the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park. This would include a new combined entrance with the Hamilton Zoo, more boardwalks, signs and viewing towers.

There is a rigid process in place and realistically, we know we will not get all the funding we have asked for. But we have made a strong bid for projects that have economic, social and environmental outcomes AND importantly create jobs for Hamiltonians.

Read more about Council's pitch and our environmentally themed initiatives here:



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