Hamilton: A great place to work

My vision is to see both Hamilton and the wider Waikato thrive. Hamilton has a huge location advantage. With key transport routes, links to ports and strong access to natural resources we are ideally placed to develop further as a key economic hub for NZ and a great place to work, live, and play. 

All three aspects are important to attract and retain the talented workforce we need.
Employment, incomes, access to education, housing, transport, technology and natural resources determine our quality of life in and beyond the city.
A strong and quality future for Hamilton requires that the City Council collaborates and partners with others to support strong economic development. We must make it clear we are open for business.
I played a key role in the creation of Waikato Means Business and the Waikato Story. Alongside other regional Mayors, I lobbied the government to recognise our need for an Economic Development Agency. And I’m pleased to say that since that time, Te Waka was formed and is doing a fabulous job. Te Waka has helped put the region on the map and has done the work to focus us on the key priorities.
Council cannot, and should not, lead business development. Many key organisations are working in that space such as SODA, Innovation Park, Te Puna Kokiri and the EMA.
I’m committed to working alongside the business movers and shakers, as well as the regional mayors to understand what we need to attract investment, tourists and talent to our special part of the world.
To be successful we must protect industrial land and manage water well, provide opportunities for high-value manufacturing and logistics. This means looking at ways to be swift and cost-effective in the way we manage water supplies and service industrial land.
Council’s role is to steer the ship, create the planning blueprint for our city and make it easy to do business.
It is our core business to ensure that city infrastructure is in good order and supports existing and new parts of the city. This includes water services, transport infrastructure and community infrastructure. This includes playgrounds, pools and parks, the aspects that make people enjoy living here.
Council has a role in making sure that we help create an environment which supports education, employment and business, and that we build a city that people want to live in.
Right now, we should make it loud and clear to the government that Hamilton is the best place for a centre of vocational excellence. We must make a strong case for that.
We have a lot of good business going on here. We also have excellent education and training opportunities. But we have untapped potential to exploit. To tap into this requires collaboration and partnership. It requires innovation and fresh thinking, a can-do attitude
The corridor between Auckland and Hamilton is important, as is the connection to Tauranga (forming the Golden Triangle). 
The growth agenda for Hamilton is huge. To be successful we need city leadership that can collaborate, negotiate and create a team that sets Hamilton up for success.

Ki te Kotahi te kaakaho ka, ki te kaapuia e kore e whati
When reeds stand alone they are vulnerable, but together they are unbreakable.

~ Kingi Tawhiao


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