My vision for our city

Ki te Kotahi te kaakaho ka, ki te kaapuia e kore e whati – Kingi Tawhiao

When reeds stand alone they are vulnerable but together they are unbreakable

It’s time to build on Hamilton’s strengths.

My vision is a strong, resilient and vibrant city. A city that supports and invests in people to improve the everyday lives of ALL Hamiltonians. A city where our people, our economy, and our environment thrive. A city that Hamiltonians are proud to call their home. 

The future of Hamilton is exciting. It’s already a fantastic city to live, work and play in.  We are a strong city and have a lot to offer New Zealand and the world. We have not yet reached our potential. I know we can do better for our people, for our businesses and for our future generations.

As your Mayor I will:

  • Bring experienced, hard-working, inclusive and positive leadership
  • Ensure effective and prudent financial management
  • Work hard to keep rates under control
  • Proactively support growth and investment opportunities
  • Invest wisely into infrastructure for a growing city
  • Take care of existing city assets through timely maintenance and renewal
  • Strengthen local communities, helping others to do the great work they do

Our Community

We need to properly care for what we have such as our parks, swimming pools, playgrounds, libraries, community houses and river paths – not leave them to decay and decline.

The well-being of all people and all local communities should be at the heart of all that Council does.  To do that we need not only talk with them- but to listen.

I want to shape a Mayor’s Office that will listen carefully, that will value others opinions and that will reflect the needs and the diversity of all our residents and communities.

We need a city where quality, warm homes are affordable, and provide for the needs of all people – including first home owners, our seniors, and our people with disabilities.

Our Future

To have a strong future we must attract businesses to our city - and keep them here. To do this we need to ensure the city remains affordable and is supported by effective transport options. Hamilton is well placed in the heart of the Waikato – with easy links to both Auckland and Tauranga - to reap the benefits of strong economic growth.

I want Hamilton to provide an excellent quality of life for our residents while protecting our special spaces and the natural environment that makes our city so unique. We can become the most liveable and lovable city in NZ.

This doesn’t mean spending large amounts of ratepayer money on huge legacy projects. I truly believe that small things can make a big impact for local communities.

Hamilton will a fabulous destination, not just a place to "pass through". We need to build on our special river-side developments, the Museum, the Zoo, Hamilton Gardens and our regional events such as the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival and Balloons over Waikato. But there is more we can do to realise our potential and create opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

The future looks good, but the best outcome will come through partnership, innovative thinking and through positive leadership.

Let's work together to achieve it!


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