Achievements and Actions and a vision for a better future.

Together we are stronger and more successful.

No Mayor can get things done by working alone, no matter what they promise. But, I do know that by enabling and empowering others, and by working in partnership we have made good progress towards being a better city for all. There is more work to do yet. I'm dedicated to continuing to work with others, to create the professional and hard working Council you deserve.

My Vision for Hamilton (Kirikiriroa)

I want Hamilton to be a great place to work and to live where we ALL enjoy the opportunities a modern city offers. Hamiltonians should have access to good quality, affordable housing, parks, pools and playgrounds to enjoy. We should have an efficient transport system that  creates better opportunities to walk, cycle or take the bus but, recognises that car travel ( including EV's) remains important. Hamilton should become a greener, healthier city with excellent water quality, air quality, green spaces and a real commitment to reducing our impact on climate. I want businesses, big or small, to choose Hamilton and to thrive here. I want Hamiltonians to feel safe, safe to work, to play or move around the city.

Most of all I want Hamiltonians to be proud ambassadors of the city we call home.

Achievements and Action

This term I have:

Worked to strengthen local communities, supporting others to do the great work they do, for example... Fairfield- Enderley revitalisation

Worked with others to create opportunities for affordable homes by strengthening our partnership with  developers. For example....

Partnered with the Police and key orgnaisations to create the Safest City Taskforce to support the community to prevent crime...

Work with partners to stimulate our economy and attract business, for example, setting up the Economic Development Committee,  attracting Te Pukenga ...

Keep costs under control while investing in a strong future

Increased community engagement, for example a 160% increase in submissions to the Long Term Plan.

Working together we can make Hamilton that we are proud to call out home.

Only by working together will our city progress


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