My vision for our city

Ki te Kotahi te kaakaho ka, ki te kaapuia e kore e whati – Kingi Tawhiao

When reeds stand alone they are vulnerable but together they are unbreakable

Hamilton – (still) Strong, Resilient and Positive!

My vision prior to COVID-19 was a strong, resilient and vibrant city, where people can thrive.

I wanted Hamilton to be a great place to work and to live where we could ALL enjoy the opportunities a modern city offers, and while times have changed, my vision remains the same.  

But we may need to get there in a different way.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our city. Many Hamiltonians have lost jobs or businesses and some are struggling to pay bills or access the support they need. There’s a lot of uncertainty because the full effects of Covid on the economy and on the wider wellbeing of our city are not yet fully known.

However, Hamilton – more than most other cities – is well-placed to rebound and rebuild. We’ve already proven our city has the skills and the desire to work together. We have talented people, innovative and industrious businesses, a strong education sector, resilient local communities, an active philanthropic sector and incredible volunteers.

To help rebuild our city I will:

  • Work to strengthen local communities, supporting others to do the great work they do
  • Drive and support growth and investment opportunities to create employment
  • Help create opportunities for affordable homes
  • Keep rates and council costs under control
  • Ensure effective and sound financial management
  • Support key partners to make investments that stimulate our economy
  • Continue to involve you in the decisions that shape our city

With your help, we can rebuild Hamilton and create an even stronger, more vibrant city.

Join me and let’s do it together, Hamilton!


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