Voting forms are now in your hands

Leading Hamilton over the next decade will not be an easy job! It is not a job that one person alone can do. Hamilton faces huge challenges around growth, managing debt and looking after the older parts of our city.

I know we face huge challenges to provide affordable homes. I know this will require a good team that wants to tackle these issues together, a team that values a range of ideas and values working alongside our business and local communities. I know this will need us to be informed by good data and the expertise of others.

Cities are highly complex and populations are fast-changing becoming more diverse, younger and older. Some issues ignite people (such as climate and rates) and while high levels of citizen apathy do exist, there is an international trend towards citizens wanting to be in the driver’s seat. Citizens want to know more about the plans, ideas and how their rates are spent. Citizens also have great local knowledge which can be tapped into.

Our city's volunteers and charities are vital to the well-being of our people and must be supported.

For over five months my policies and ideas have been on my website for all to consider. You can read them here.

I welcome your feedback. I listen.

The voting forms are now in your hands. If you are uncertain of your choice for mayor, I’d be pleased to speak with you or meet with you.

You won’t see my face on the biggest billboards or wrapped around the papers. But you will see me out in our community often, not just during the elections. I am not standing on any shallow promises or enticements. I am standing to build a team of city leaders, to work with the community we serve, to build a bright and strong future for us all.

I’d value your vote.

Call me on 021 0273 1938 or email me at paulasouthgate.hamilton@gmail.com


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