A sinking lid on pokie gambling.

I absolutely support a sinking lid policy for gambling. Gambling hurts families and personally I don’t like it.

Other issues in our community are also harmful. Alcohol does huge family and community harm. Disreputable money lenders like Moolah do harm, especially for low income families who have no choice but to borrow.

These issues are all complex. But right now I can't support - and won’t support - pulling the rug out from under our sports and community groups who - like it or not - rely on funding support from pokies.

Doing so will also do immeasurable harm.

The funding gap is real - sports clubs and others have been crystal clear with Council that those funds are critical to them. We must address that and until we do I'm going with the majority of the submitters on this.

Some candidates will try to attack me on a moral basis and suggest I support gambling. I don’t.

What I do support is working with community groups to support our wider community and address issues of poor funding so their reliance on pokies is reduced. I also support a reduction of pokies over time.

What I also support is listening to submissions, 93% of which supported no change. Until we address the very real funding gap I'm going with the majority of the submitters  who all support no change at this time.


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