Strong economy, strong business, strong communities.

A strong regional economy is vital to a strong Hamilton future. And the key to success relies on cross boundary collaborations and conversations.

 During my time as Chair of Waikato Regional Council I led, in collaboration with, the the regional Mayors and business sector the development of  Waikato Means Business I lobbied Government for support for a Regional Development Agency. And the Waikato Story was born The Government was clear Waikato needed to speak with "one voice". I'm pleased to say that things have evolved and are doing nicely under the banner of Te Waka; Regional Economic Development Agency. Te Waka acts as a gateway to, and advocate for the Waikato region and, works hard to ensure we get our fair share of Government economic development funding for the benefit of our communities and Hamilton benefits from this approach.  In fact Te Waka is supported more by business  and central government than the local Councils. Find out more here: https://www.tewaka.nz/

As your Mayor, I will support all opportunities for Hamilton to thrive.

As a safe city with strong existing and developing transport networks that connect us to both Auckland and Bay of Plenty, we are well placed to attract and support small business. With good availability of business and industrial land, good transport links, great education, new housing underway and plenty of wonderful spaces, places and events, we provide a strong work, live, learn and play lifestyle. Now is the time to make sure it is well known that we are open for business.

We need to cement and promote Hamilton's reputation as a leader in innovation, promoting our business advantage and championing our  small and medium businesses.

Hamilton must create an interactive and business friendly environment, with favourable conditions for investment and growth, Hamilton and its residents will enjoy the benefits  through jobs, education and lifestyle. Read about Hamilton's Economic Development Strategy here.

The Central Government shares responsibility for supporting the economic and social well-being of NZ and its key cities. Public/private partnerships are also key to the earlier and more cost-effective delivery of city infrastructure and key projects.

I am well placed with my relationships in Wellington, my deep understanding of the Waikato and my ability to partner and work with others to be a strong champion for Hamilton as the hub of a vibrant economy. 

I have policies for Small Business, Infrastructure ( to support a sound future), transport, tourism and partnerships on my website. These are a starting point for conversations with business, our neighbouring Councils and Central Government.  The ability to be flexible and adaptable is important. 

I invite you to read and give feedback on my policies. No one Mayoral Candidate has all the good ideas, but working together we can progress.   



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