Great Testimonials from the Community!

I have received fantastic feedback from people I have met from all walks of life. Thank you to everyone who passes on their kind words. Read what people have to say about me below:

Paula is an experienced leader who cares about the people of Hamilton and works tirelessly to make Hamilton the best possible place to live. As Mayor, Paula would thrive through her ability to bring people together and find solutions that respect everybody's perspectives. 

I've worked under Paula's leadership and value her positivity, fairness, integrity and intelligence. 

Paula can make tough decisions, always based on good information and in the interest of the community. 

Hilke Giles

"Paula represents my cares and concerns for our city more than any other Mayoral candidate. I appreciate her holistic advocacy for all communities, her ability to actively listen to community concerns and seek effective, efficient and equitable positive change."

Liz Selby

"Paula should be the next Mayor of Hamilton. There is no question about that as she is clever, dedicated and trustworthy. Paula has our community on her side, having willingly spent the time necessary to find out exactly what makes Hamilton tick Vote Southgate, vote Sense!"

Adrienne Hagan

"I have known Paula Southgate almost 19 years - she's a mum, passionate about the people and the whenua she represents, a musician. I have faith in her for Mayor of Hamilton City. 

Paula has worked diligently for our city and before that for the Waikato region. She has a lot of relevant experience, focuses on what matters most and works very hard. 

I'm a grandma and a senior woman of mixed ethnicity, and I care very much what's happening in our world and what comes next. I trust Paula to lead Council and us in caring for this part of it."

Cara Graham

"I have worked with Paula Southgate as the chair of the Regional Council. She has the strong leadership characteristics required for Hamilton Mayoralty. I wish her all the best."

Gannin Ormsby

"I have known Paula Southgate for many years and she has ALWAYS been a woman of integrity and fairness. Paula is a person who has strong leadership skills, is not afraid to stand up for her convictions and strongly believes in the rights of every person, not matter their background or the size of their bank account! I believe she will be a strong but fair Mayor of Hamilton!"

Shelley Campbell

"As Mayor, Paula will bring constructive, inclusive, experienced leadership to council. I value her supportive mentoring approach and commitment to ongoing learning. In the northeast we have
benefited from her community engagement approach and considerable community involvement."

Daphne Bell

"There is no one more suited and qualified to lead our city than Paula Southgate.

With over a quarter of a century of public service, fifteen of which she headed up the Waikato Regional Council and narrowly missed out on winning the mayoralty in 2016 to a big spending candidate with absolutely no previous experience in local body affairs.

As a councillor with the Hamilton city she has chaired important subcommittees in an unbiased and positive manner.

Paula has been very active in many charitable and community groups

So give this outstanding citizen your support this year. I will be giving her my vote."

Don Lindale FCA (Rtd) JP

"Paula played a huge role in bringing tui back to Hamilton. It was part of her overall commitment to having a healthy environment in the city.  It was her political skill and her ability to bring people together that made the difference.  As Mayor, she will apply those same skills to achieve even more for Hamilton."

Kevin Collins

"You’ve been there walking the talk in all capacities since the late 90’s. You don’t deserve to be Mayor, you’ve served to be Mayor. That is the difference. Hamilton is your heart. You go girl!"

Pippa Russell


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