Kiwiwatch Community Patrol

I wanted to fully understand how to increase safety in our city. In pursuit of this, I met up with a local organisation called the Kiwiwatch Community Patrol. Kiwiwatch Community Patrol is a volunteer organisation and a member of CPNZ Community Patrols New Zealand. They work together with the NZ Police to keep our communities safe. Their primary goal is to create a safe community in Hamilton by means of patrolling the area and reporting back to police, council and any other relevant people.

I went on patrol with the Kiwiwatch Community Patrol to learn more about this volunteer service. I went from 9pm - 1am but patrols typically go until 3am. Not surprisingly, I learned that alcohol was one of the significant factors for night crime and this wasn't just exclusive to town.

The Kiwiwatch Community Patrol Facebook page can be found here.

Crime is often a concern raised by the community and a concern I share.

  • Crime is complex but working together we can make a positive change.
  • I supported the extension of City Safe into the suburbs and that appears to be going well. City Safe are a great team!
  • I attended a community meeting in Hamilton East hosted by the Crime Prevention team of the Police. I was pleased to hear that Hamilton is getting a mobile Police wagon for general police work in the places it is most needed. Here is a link to some good resources.
  • Cnr Casson has a petition going to re-open a community police station in Flagstaff. Is this part of the solution? I welcome your views.

You can find more information and resources about Neighbourhood Support here.

Photo: John Palmer and Murray Brown of Kiwiwatch


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