Addressing the Climate Challenge

Recently young citizens marched on Garden Place to call for urgent action on Climate. I was asked about my policy and  put together this blog to  start a conversation about what I consider Hamilton City Council can do. Having watched the documentary "Climate Change; The Facts" by David Attenborough, I returned home highly concerned and reviewed my stance.

 I've already said Hamilton City, like all Councils in NZ, must play its part in addressing the Climate Challenge. Council can't do everything, nor in fact can New Zealand, but what we can do is show leadership and be support the call for action.

Five things Hamilton City Council must do!

  • Understand its carbon footprint and create reduction targets focused on core resposibilities
  • Sign the Local Government Leaders Climate Declaration
  • Understand and DISCUSS the implications for climate change in the city
  • Be leaders in building sustainable communities in tandem with LGNZ
  • Reduce in-house waste (energy, resources)

Ten things Hamilton City Council should do:

  • Provide and promote public transport and other transport sharing options for public
  • Provide greater opportunities for pedestrians
  • Promote ride-share, passenger transport and electric vehicles for staff
  • Drive best practice urban design to:
    • create neighbour modern neighbourhoods that allow people to walk or cycle to local services
    • ensure energy efficient homes
    • ensure environmentally friendly storm water solutions eg: swales
    • promote environmentally friendly construction materials
    • maintain adequate green space
    • ensure there is space for trees
    • move towards/incentivise grey-water re-use
  • Save and enhance the gully networks and greenspaces
  • Plant more trees and give preference to the planting of native trees and shrubs
  • Prevent urban sprawl, build infill with quality green space provided and protected
  • Undertake good pest management to enable green spaces and gullies to thrive
  • Keep up with new technologies, science and innovation
  • Support community groups that are working on education and environmental projects to the natural environment of the city

Five things Hamilton can do:

  • Investigate park and ride opportunities for commuters
  • Retrofit all older community assets with LED lighting/ double glazing & energy efficient heating
  • Improve the recycling at all city based events, no more excuses!
  • Buy local wherever practical. Bonus: it supports local business
  • Re-invent the way staff move around during the day, electric vehicles, bus passes, shared fleets, reduce air travel ( more video conferences)

This is not a comprehensive policy it's a list of ideas. The young citizens that came to Council have written to us with other great ideas.. Let's talk about Climate Action in our city, And let's build upon what we already to to show leadership in creating a sustainable city that cares about the encvironment and our 


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