Addressing the Climate Challenge

Hamilton City, like all Councils in NZ, must play its part in addressing the Climate Challenge. I’ve been asked about my position. Here is a starting point to kick off discussions at Council.

Five things Hamilton City Council must do!

  • Understand its carbon footprint and create reduction targets
  • Sign the Local Government Leaders Climate Declaration
  • Understand and discuss the implications for climate change in the city
  • Be leaders in building sustainable communities in tandem with LGNZ
  • Reduce in-house waste (energy, resources)

Ten things Hamilton City Council should do:

  • Provide and promote public transport and other transport sharing options for public
  • Provide greater opportunities for pedestrians
  • Promote ride-share, passenger transport and electric vehicles for staff
  • Drive best practice urban design to:
    • create neighbour modern neighbourhoods that allow people to walk or cycle to local services
    • ensure energy efficient homes
    • ensure environmentally friendly storm water solutions eg: swales
    • promote environmentally friendly construction materials
    • maintain adequate green space
    • ensure there is space for trees
    • move towards/incentivise grey-water re-use
  • Save and enhance the gully networks and greenspaces
  • Plant more trees and give preference to the planting of native trees and shrubs
  • Prevent urban sprawl, build infill with quality green space provided and protected
  • Undertake good pest management to enable green spaces and gullies to thrive
  • Keep up with new technologies, science and innovation
  • Support community groups that are working on education and environmental projects to the natural environment of the city

Five things Hamilton can do:

  • Investigate park and ride opportunities for commuters
  • Retrofit all older community assets with LED lighting/ double glazing & energy efficient heating
  • Improve the recycling at all city based events, no more excuses!
  • Buy local wherever practical. Bonus: it supports local business
  • Re-invent the way staff move around during the day, electric vehicles, bus passes, shared fleets, reduce air travel ( more video conferences)

This is not a comprehensive policy it's a list of ideas. I look forward to hearing the ideas of others. Let's talk about Climate Action in our city!


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