Transport and Parking

When it comes to parking in the CBD Hamilton needs change, and I don't mean the kind you put in the meter. To be clear, I'm not necessarily advocating for free parking in the city, I'm advocating for better parking. What that looks like needs to be determined in consultation with residents. Popular options that have been suggested range from free parking to simply making it easier to pay.

I'll be the first one to put my hand up and say I never have coins when I need them so would be supportive of periods of free parking complemented by an easy to pay system.

Hamiltonians want to be able to travel easily, safely and cost effectively around our city and beyond. We should all be able to have easy access to essential services, schools, shops and medical facilities. The key to achieving this is to provide good infrastructure for private vehicles, public transport, walkers and cyclists. It's about having quality choices.

Our businesses must have easy and efficient access to other markets and ports to succeed. Our city has huge potential to grow our tourism, manufacturing, logistic, innovation and primary sectors but all of these things need our roads, rail and domestic air transport to function well. We need to get this right to unlock our economic potential.

I want Hamilton be a city where getting around and doing business are easy, where there are transport choices that are effective and sustainable.

In short, we need to:
  1. Make it easier to park in our CBD;
  2. Plan to avoid future congestion. We don't want to become like Auckland;
  3. Build on and improve passenger transport around the City, especially to new sub-divisions;
  4. Work with our neighbours to implement and link up cycling and walking strategies and alternatives to roads alone;
  5. Strongly encourage the Government to bring forward the development of both freight and passenger rail – this includes investigating the viability a rail link from Hamilton to Auckland;
  6. Have effective transport links between the economic "golden triangle" of Hamilton, Auckland and Bay of Plenty.


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